Home Security Systems – What to know when salesmen knock –

Nearly every spring and summer our town experiences an influx in security sales representatives. While I don’t appreciate their tactics per se, I do appreciate the increased awareness to home security they bring to our community. As our community grows it’s important to reassess security measures and create a system that makes you feel at ease both when you are in your home and when you’re away from it, but I don’t think anyone should be forced to make a snap decision about those security measures. You’ll almost always have a better result if you conduct a little bit of research and don’t take the words of any salesmen at face value.

One of the big differences between buying your home security system through a door to door salesperson and a local locksmith like Pick Me Lock and Key is that we don’t give security systems away. Instead of folding the costs into your monthly monitoring rates and tying you to a long term contract, local locksmiths tend to have a variety of systems they work with regularly and monitoring services they recommend and deal with.

Different homes and homeowners have different requirements, and the cost of a security system ultimately depends on the features you include and the level of service you choose. A do-it-yourself kit from a local hardware store may suffice for your family’s needs and comfort level or you may need the assurance of additional features like video surveillance, wireless motion sensors, smart-phone-based controls, smoke alarms, water alarms and carbon-monoxide detection integrated into your system. There is no wrong answer when it comes to home security, but there can be several right ones.

When considering the purchase of any security package, be sure to read the fine print and push past the flashy marketing that accompanies many bargain-priced security packages. What appears to cover all your security bases may actually involve several additions that add to the costs being quoted. Be sure to know what you are paying for and the total cost of ownership before making a commitment.

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